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Wednesday, 12 September 2007


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Alan Girling writes "It’s curious how some items mysteriously come to light. You may remember the basketball team photo I sent you of the 1966-7 team which won the Surrey Schools U19 championship, and I described how we beat Glyn by 2 points in a play-off (which was actually held at Wimbledon school). Well, looking through some papers I found in the loft, the attached photo just randomly fell out. It’s a picture of the tip-off of that very game (I think taken by Roger Stansfield which suggests he might have been injured for the game. I know he did photography). Our heroes in black are, L-R, Mike Pye (15), Stef Simpson (13), me (7), Colin Wood, and Steve Taylor (9). The guy I appear to be beating at the tip I think was Jim Chappell, and the Glyn no 7 was Adrian Webb, both of whom Colin and I played with in the Surrey Schools U19, and Adrian and I shared a room when we toured New England with Surrey Schools in March 1967. Jim went on to play for Sutton and Crystal Palace in London League and possibly the early days of the National League. I don’t know who the ref was but I expect he was useless! Some things never change…"

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Don Howe has lent some his archive - here is the bantam team of 1955.

Watch for Roger Maynard when he still had dark hair - top row extreme right.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

John Asquith at the Final Reunion

For those of you who could not get to the Final Reunion here is a chance to see John Asquith at his funniest. Head Boy 1949 and his memories are so sharp.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Still they play on......

Some 35 years after having left the PGS Cricket XI, brothers Hooper M and G , and Masters P and K take to the square to do battle with Felbridge CC on August Bank holiday 2007. Graham Tong in "flip flops" goes out to Umpire. What would Arthur Jewitt have said ?

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Chemistry demo to 5B - early 1950's

assisted by Peter Fairbanks

Sunday, 2 September 2007

1960’s Staff - click on the picture to see it in more detail

Back Row L-R

Collette (Fr Asst), Tony Rossi, David Jones, Peter Robinson, John Hodgson, Bill Patterson, Brian Collingridge, Colin Flood-Page, Tony Holcombe

Middle Row

Arthur Loveland, Peter O’Masta, David Spring, Tony Foot, John McIntyre, Tony Beasley, Ivor Morrish, Bob Hattersley, Basil Ellis, George Love, Laurence Payne, George Nicholson, Edward Stachak, Len Kneiler

Front Row

Vic, Fred Bridge, Mike Carey, Alid Owen, Isobel Loveland, Arthur Jewitt, Nell Marlowe, Harold Birchall, Mrs Springer, Bernard Cooke, John Hutchinson, George Winter, Les – Stan Lockhart, Jack Williams, Pat Collins.

From the Bill Patterson Archive - a 1960's coach

Snowdon Hut - maybe around 1961

Andrew Ayling continues with his archive from the Building of Bens Cottage

Shot from the roof of the Snowdon Hut

Andrew Ayling sent this one in - before my time - is it Mr. Fishlock?

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