Monday, 28 January 2008

Adrian Hodgetts RIP

Howard "Dickie" Bird reports

"just a short message. i went to a funeral yesterday and, when there, by a horrible coincidence, i discovered that Adrian Hodgetts, who is pictured with me on this site with Garth Wright, died this year of cancer. blimey, we are all getting old."

missed photos when we moved websites

Here are the photos and articles you have missed from 2007 when we moved websites.

Ken Hobbs has sent this featuring PCGS Camera Club Evening held in the Biology Lab.

Known names are Massey, Stallworthy, Barker. Front Row - Sharpe, Mr.Bridges, Denby

Tim Blewitt has been rummaging in his old attic - Under 14's Cricket 1963 back row Maynard - (Coach), Tim Blewitt, Rowlands?, D.J.Mulligan, Geoffrey Charman, Hudson? (Scorer) front row: ? Anthony Crofts, John Paish, Phillip Welton, Phillip Jack, Brian Lloyd, B Watters.Ed's Note: Alan Girling says that the front row ? is Graham Pearce – he used to live in his road.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

An appeal from an Old Boy - Chris Scott-Douglas


On Sunday 13th April this year I will be running in the London Marathon to raise money for Action on Pre-Eclampsia (registered charity 1013557).

I chose this particular charity because my good friends Andy & Catherine had a very stressful and frightening experience before the premature birth of their son Tom at the end of October last year. Catherine was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia (a complication of pregnancy caused by a defect in the placenta which restricts the flow of blood to the baby) following a routine check-up at hospital and then admitted until Tom’s birth a week later. Until then I had no idea the condition even existed and it took me a long time to come to terms with what happened as it was so disturbing.

This is why I have been touched to do the 26.2 miles for such a worthy and somewhat unrecognised cause.

Action on Pre-Eclampsia is a small charity and needs all the help it can get because it relies completely upon voluntary donations. I was dismayed to learn that every year in the UK alone over 1000 babies, and up to 7 women die because of pre-eclampsia. Thousands have dreadful experiences at a time when they should have been most happy.

Please dig deep (as I will have to do on the day!) and give us much as you can. Every pound raised will play an essential part in helping women and babies across the UK. My goal is to raise a minimum of £1000 which is needed by 31st May 2008. If there is anyone else you think would be interested in sponsoring me please forward this E-mail to them.

You can sponsor me online by going to

Action on Pre-Eclampsia’s helpline can be contacted on 020 8427 4217 or if you wish to learn more go to

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,


Friday, 18 January 2008

Midland Bank Cricket Tournament 1972

The recent arrival of the programme is now with matching the photo.

Back Row
Mr Godwin, Nick Peaty, Ian Froggett, Paul Rocky Rawcliffe, Clive Bealey.
Front Row:
David Barnes, Nigel Tucker <>, Graham Tong, Paul Matthews.
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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The Bourne 1966

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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Bob (Robert at school) Page discovers our website

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Robert Page writes " was at PCGS from 1961 to 1966. Unfortunately I never kept in contact with anyone as we moved away from Surrey when I left.

I have only recently found the Fasetpatria website and have been amazed at the wealth of information there and in your archive. I was particularly intrigued to see Martin Jones' class list for 1A in 1961 - there I am: R.C.Page! (and wondering what the little "x" means..?) No mention as to why "Tom" is written at the top of the page : it was the name of the (pre-) Portakabin style classroom we used, just alongside the junior bogs. Classes 1B and 1C were in matching temporary classrooms known as Dick and Harry.

I have a number of photos and documents which I am happy to make available - what is the preferred format? PDF makes for more manageable file sizes. My pictures also include some of 1610 squadron of the ATC - something that doesn't seem to get a mention anywhere in the archives. "

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