Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Cricket Team U12 1972

1972 - Any help here with the names ? - Martin Hooper is seen back row 3 from left.
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Andrew Wilson adds:

"I think the guy on the right is Malcolm Mayes - then, in the front row, Phil Ewen is the one with the glasses, and Ian Carter is on the far right. I'm pretty sure I know some others but the little grey cells are not firing yet! ! I've had it confirmed that the boy centre front is Jeremy Seymour (later head boy) - Steve Lane is between him and Ian Carter.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Macbeth Part deux

Although the programme provided by Ken Hobbs shows no date, the year is 1963/4, as confirmed by the presence of Mr D Willoughby on make-up. Mr Willoughby was another of the 'one-year-ers' that became commonplace at Purley in the 1960s. He taught me English in 3B, and his claim to fame (not) came when the Inspector called into Room 4 and asked the class about the poetry that we had studied. Never was a class so quiet! Mr Willoughby departed at the end of the year, apparently to continue his studies in educational psychology.

Macbeth was an ambitious project, according to The Bourne. The greatest problem that faced Mr Parnell the producer was the necessity of providing a large and gifted cast, despite the paucity of acting talent in the school. However the play was judged a success. Hobbs deserved praise for his success as Ross, Easterbrook was particularly successful with his excellent contortions of voice and limb, and Shrimpton was successful as Lady Macbeth with 'femininity, stature, high voice and so forth' (whatever that is!).

At that time, the school was celebrating its 50th anniversary and wondering whether there would be still be a grammar school there in 2014! Tim Shorter (2LB) predicted that man would land on the moon on 5 August 1981, Elson & Baker (1C) apparently enjoyed the Paris trip in July 1964, and Jeff Teare (2LA) drew attention to four groups of girls, including Likers of Male Companions (puellae pueros amant) and Studious Girls (puellae magistras et libros amant)! And so the world goes on....

Martin Jones

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Macbeth Part One - Ken Hobbs sends this .......

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Paul Berry 1976

Rarely seen on film the shy Paul Berry is never seen these days. Does anyone know his current whereabouts?

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