Sunday, 18 January 2009

Jeremy Isaac writes....

Here is an amended note from Jeremy Isaac

"I was just looking at the blog today and noticed you had posted three photos that I sent you a while back with a request for names of those in the pics

Here’s the info:
1) The main guy leaning on the wall by the sign is Michael Goss. I can identify some but not all of those behind him l-r: Barry Jenkins is half turned to the camera clutching a black leather bag. Adrian Wise is at the back by the window with a green shoulder bag. Del Bailey is the blonde with a green parka and a yellow bike helmet. Far back in front of the window looking glumly straight to camera is Pete Thorne. Next to Del on the right, also with a green parka is Colin Hook. Don’’t know any others.

Pic 2 (middle): At left in the green parka is Colin Hook; red haired guy at back in front of window looking at camera is Adrian Wise; next to him with dark hair, mouth obscured is Paul Lambeth; then the three guys up front are l-r: can’t remember his first name Fletcher; ‘Jim’Massey; Nigel ‘Pev’Everard.

Pic 3 (bottom) l-r: Seated at far left cut off Tim Crumplin; seated next to him Dave Maby; standing with arms folded Mark Gill; standing hand in pocket Dave Bradley; standing at rear Andy Roberts; and the whip fiend at the front is yours truly Jeremy Isaac.
Very wordy but I hope it helps – unfortunately I’m not in touch with anyone from PHFB any more, I just have a good memory for names and faces and a few faded pics.
The site is fabulous. Hoping you are able to obtain more old photos as my older brother Peter was there circa ‘55 – ‘62 (a prefect in Jewitt’s time) but doesn’t seem to have turned up so far (Dave Shepherd would remember him as they were pupils together and even did hols together, then David later returned as a teacher in my time, but didn’t teach me). I was there as part of the Woodcote intake ‘72 – ‘75, and am in the ‘75 photo standing in the back row somewhere near the middle, but I can’t tell you just where because I can’t open the photo. Best wishes"

Ed's note- i know the last picture isn't the right one but its so good.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Those days of summer seem far away

1976 from pavilion

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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy New Year to all our readers

Form 5 + 1950-1951

Names please !

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