Friday, 23 October 2009

VR PHOTO - Alan Girling writes.........

Back row, L-R

Don’t Remember, Graham Pearce, D/R, Tip of my tongue, Len Kneller, D/R, Chris Michelmore, D/R, D/R

Middle row L-R

Brian Kunz, Dave Brown, Phil Underwood, Doug MacArthur (I think, something close if not).  Brian Dave and Phil were all good athletes, Doug a good footballer, as was Graham in the back row

Front row, L-R

Russell Ward, also a good footballer, Roger Butterfield (might be Butterworth, ‘Butters’ anyway), who was seldom seen without an SLR camera in his hands, and D/R.

Martin Jones’ note spurred the thought that we did have a VR (5 Remove) later than he suggests as the Len Kneller photo was taken in 1964-5 when I was in the 5th form, so these guys were in the same school year as me but would have been a year older.  VR was the opportunity to have another chance in the 5th year, usually because of O level results the previous year not achieving good enough grades, or for other reasons, such as Graham Pearce, (who was a friend of mine) who had missed a lot of school because of prolonged illness.  In reality, most didn’t go on to the 6th form, but I believe some did.  


Alan Girling

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Anonymous said...

Bottom right d/r is I believe Roger HUBBARD rip 21.3.2017 in Angelsey. Was very keen on climbing on the snowdon groups in the 60s.

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