Friday, 13 November 2009

George Love

Dick Newman writes 
" When George retired from PGS, after years of producing Sports Concerts and complaining about boys picking their nose during his lessons, he became a very well known maker of spanish guitars. I used to play viola in the school orchestra and George asked me one day if he could try my instrument, after which he told me that he intended to spend his retirement making guitars. I believe that it was originally intended as a pastime but he actually became a very well known maker and some of his instruments were played by leading professional players. He is listed in several books about important professional makers, although all that I can honestly establish is that he was born in 1913 and sadly passed away in 1999. I wonder if anybody who visits the site would be able to furnish any more details about him? Did Peter Yorke keep in touch with him?
I remember one lesson that George took around the time that Cream split up. I think that George was invigilating rather than teaching and he came in to see that somebody had written "Goodbye Cream" on the blackboard. He confessed that he didn't know what it meant and then altered it to read "Goodbye - Scram ". He found that incredibly funny  - nobody else did, as I recall.
I was in Placehouse Lane last week and saw that the main old building is still standing but it was horribly sad to see it surrounded by scaffolding and temporary builders huts. End of an era - thank God for the site which keeps the memories very green.
Hope you are well and best wishes,
Richard (Dick) Newman 

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