Friday, 27 August 2010

Disgruntled of the Lower 6th writes........

I have no idea what the vehicles in the picture were called as I had left by then, but I do know that the original Chawmumbly was neither of these.  It was the old Bedford bus (vintage about 1948, I think) that I and others travelled to Snowdonia in when I was in the 4th form – Easter 1964 from memory (accompanied my Messrs Herbert and Stachach).  I remember watching as some 5th former whose name I can’t recall painted the name ‘Chawmumbly’ along the side of the bonnet, and wondering what the hell Chawmumbly was, and where he got the paint.  This was the first appearance of the name on any school vehicle, I believe.

I don’t have any pictures of the school bus but found this on a website (Google Bedford Bus 1948) – ours was a similar model, although for some reason I can’t quite get my mind around, it wasn’t quite in this condition.  I’ll bet Bill Patterson and Derek Eneas will remember it as I think they both drove it on various occasions.

Disclaimer:  Just in case people get the wrong idea about me, I am not a bus spotter, nor a train spotter and I don’t possess any kind of anorak!

But I do have a good memory.   Now, what was I going to do next…….

Editor's note - he cannot even remember his name but i recall the author is Alan Girling

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Philip Gray said...

Just spotted the picture of Chawmumbly resting on the sea front somewhere. It reminded me of countless Snowdon Hut trips with Pat Collins at the wheel - possibly 1962 or 1963: An unusual driver to say the least!
Philip Gray 1959 - 1967

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