Friday, 29 July 2011

Badminton 1964 - a rare Phil Jack photo

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Basketball Team 1963-4

A new Archive has been found that has all the names appended. This is the first of many. Deep joy.
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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wimbledon and Derek Eneas

Philip Odell (1961-7) writes
"Strange how random thoughts sometimes drop into your mind. While watching Wimbledon, I was reminded of Derek Eneas, who was my maths teacher in the 4th year. Decent teacher, who could not be blamed for my ongoing failure to progress in the subject. He preferred explanation and encouragement to the public humiliations favoured by a certain Welsh colleague.
The Wimbledon link is that he was a very good tennis player. I know that in one tournament he beat Tony Pickard, who was one of the leading British mens' players of the time. I had previously thought that would have been at Wimbledon itself, but now think that's unlikely as that takes place in term time and you need to be pretty exceptional to even qualify. Nevertheless, it would have been a relatively prestigious tournament. His victory was reported by the Daily Express, which stated that he was known to his pupils as "Eany Meany". To the best of my knowledge nobody at Purley ever referred to him by that nickname, and it was one of a number of instances that taught me early on that many journalists embellish and/or fabricate stories. This provided them with the opportunity to run the headline "Eany, meany, miny mo, good bye Pickard, out you go."
Derek Eneas is shown below referee-ing a Basketball game in 1973 and at the 2007 Reunion.


Monday, 4 July 2011

More Team Tennis - any ideas? Pete Smith front row with knee bandage?

 Pete "Ace" Smith front row right with knee bandage?

Maritn Jones writes "
Front row left is Dave Patterson, front row centre is Andy Webb - both 100% certain.
Back row left could be ? Cogliatti (right era, mid-1960s, and he was sporty), front row between Andy W and (?) Pete Smith could be the late Rob Lane or B.K.D. (Brian) James. Not a clue on the other guy in the back but looks younger. Will consult the oracle and come back to you."

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