Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bill Mathie writes....

Fascinated to come across the PGS website a few years ago and see material from the 1960s including film from the Snowdon Hut. Had a bit of time on my hands while its rained heavily this weekend and have dug out a few pix from my time there, a contemporary of Rob Lane R.I.P and Alan Girling whose names and pic of the basket ball team have come up on this visit. Hello Alan, you will be interested in these photos which all include you in the cricket and rugby teams. You'll be able to fix the date on them I'm sure as I can't be sure exactly. however I've surprised myself at the number of names I've remembered, for I wrote nothing down at the time. Many apologies to thse for whom my grey cells have failed me.
Ed's note - Alan Girling has kindly added the missing names for you. 

Here goes


Staff (DAVID PARNELL), Adrian Christie, Alan Girling, MICK Coe, Michael Girardot, Chris Wakeman
Self, RAY Haynes, Rob Lane, Mark Potashnik, TOM Ferguson,  DAVID HUGHES, RICHARD (DICK)?Sweet
KEITH PERAUX (scorer) and NIGEL Turk (umpire)

Rugby Colts perhaps 1965

Alan Girling, Chris Wakeman, PAUL Catley, ? PHIL WINDLEY Staff(DEREK JONES), BRIAN Allen, STEVE Gilfedder, Geoff Pickerill, Alan Kennett
TIM Harper, Self, DAVID Hughes, Rob Lane, Mark Potashnik, KEITH PERAUX, Alan Winder, Peter VanderMey, RAY Haynes and STEVE TAYLOR sitting on his own at the front

I left Coulsdon after A levels and went to RMAS and Nottingham Uni at the MOD's expense. After leaving the army in 1978 went into University Administration, first at Loughborough and since 1980 at Leeds as Secretary to the Medical School. Still work part-time there as Editor of their Alumni magazine. I think the only PGS Old Boy iI have met since was Roger Massey some time in the 1980s when he was a Consultant Paediatrician at Hull I think.

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