Thursday, 19 December 2013

Last Day of Term

Martin Jones informs us that the final assembly in the main hall, end of term reports (how many teachers' initials can be recognised?) etc etc, The 190 bus leaves at 3.23pm if you are in Yr1, 3.59pm in Yr 2, and 4.13pm for everyone else including the teachers! Happy days!
 "Very brave of Martin to share his report with us all.  I have risen to the challenge of identifying the initials.  I’m certain of them all bar one:

RI – the Rev Bernard Holt.  Someone once described this subject as “Rev-Holt-ing”
English – the one I’m not sure about.  Possibly a Mr Coulson
Latin – the unmistakable handwriting of Mr E Stachach
French – equally unmistakable Vic Gilbert
Geography – the excellent Bill Patterson
History – Mr D R Waters, known unsurprisingly as “Drip”
Maths – the unforgettable Arthur ‘Cringe’ Loveland
Physics and Chemistry – John McIntyre
Biology – Mr PR Robinson
Handicraft – must be George Love
Art – can only be ‘Pongo’ Payne"

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Monday, 9 December 2013

Fas et Patria

Please explore the world of Purley Boys School 1914-1988. Feel free to leave your memories and comments on the photos.

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