Friday, 3 January 2014

From our Sopwith Camel

click to see it full sized - it's amazing.

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Martin Jones said...

As you say an amazing picture. This was obviously taken in the very early days of the school's relocation to Old Coulsdon in 1933, and I have to say that it had changed v little by the time I arrived in 1960/61, with the single-storey gym still on the end of the block in the foreground. I am surprised that the Tudor Rose had not been built by then, nor the houses opposite the school in Placehouse Lane as these feature in the wartime pictures which we have seen on this website. Presumably they must have followed soon after the school was completed and certainly before 1939. What was the number of the bus which can be seen proceeding along Coulsdon Road, I wonder?! An interesting piece of local pictorial history and thanks for posting it.

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