Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Peter Davies 1956 - 1961 has some memories to share...

"Still going strong"  .. on a visit to Brooklands last year .. a "190" RT. This took us to school from Coulsdon South each morning. However from the second year onwards our group had to run down Marlpit Lane each afternoon to catch the 4.12 train. 

The bus left the Tudor Rose at one minute to four and the next one missed the train by a couple of minutes - meaning a half hour wait for the next train (crucial if one had a paper round to do!). 

Peter Davies 1956 - 1961

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Martin Jones said...

Gosh,a red RT bus and what looks like a Saunders roof-box RT and a red RLH in the background. What memories! The bus timetable which I posted here in December confirms that if you missed the 3.59pm 190 bus, you wouldn't get the 4.12pm train from Coulsdon South. This caused such great concern at the school that Dr Birchall decided in the mid-1960's that Year 2 would be let out 10 minutes early at 3.50pm. I think that part of the problem here lay with the teachers who, in days when car ownership was a lot less widespread than it is now, would be chasing out with the kids to try (usually unsuccessfully) to get the early bus! Now I imagine every student and teacher at the College owns a car! Thanks for the pics, would love to see some more if you have them.

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