Sunday, 8 June 2014

100 YEARS of Purley Boys - REUNION SATURDAY JUNE 21ST 11.30am

Here is the update on attendees for the 100th Anniversary Reunion - there is still room for more if you can recruit some of your "network"Mail your details 



Derek Akers
Richard Mant
year if known
Keith Peters 1956-64
Tony Peters  
P.R. Mash  
Michael Blake 1945-51
Robin Parry 1945-51
Colin Davis 1945-54
David Cooper 1974-79
Trevor Blake 1974-79
Stephen Blake 1976-80
Alan Blake 1983-87
gerald tompsett  
mark elliott 1970-76
andrew wilson 1970-77
Justin Fowles  
Bruce and Jan Middlemiss  
Martin Jones 1960-68
David Ward 1979-86
David Fish  
JB Illingworth 1958-65
Ernest Hughes 1944-50
Steve Hawes 1970-78
Howard Read 1965-72
Jerry Cuthbert 1958-65
PC Odell 1961-67
Chris Hodgess 1949-57
Alan Richmond 1966-73
Chris Gibson 1966-71
Bill Kersey  
Ken Bean  
Brian Hearn  
Brian Simmons  
John hanson  
keith masters  1964-71
Derek Berry 1947-52
Harry Flower 1941-43
Don Leppard 1939-45
Christopher Babcock  
DL  Watts 1981-85
MH smith 1950-56
Paul Masters 1966-73
David Bird  
IG Knight 1968-74
John Bunner 1956-62
Paul Musgrove 1966-71
Tishaw 1951-58
Alan Girling 1961-68
M Smith  
Alan Davies 1947-54
Ian Cullen 1949-54
David Brazier 1951-56
Adrian Reddall 1946-52
Roger Yapp 1960-68
David Allen 1983-87
Robert Harwood 1974-78
Martin Hoffman 1966-73
Mike Bonsier tba

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