Saturday, 4 October 2014

Bill Patterson RIP

David "Shep" Shepherd brings the sad news that Bill Patterson passed away last weekend: his wife Phyl says she would certainly appreciate  a group of old P's at his funeral on Tuesday the 14th October at 11 am - St John's Church Shirley.

Bill was the former teacher, sportsman and acting Deputy Headmaster and all round great guy.

Here he is in his element - back row first on the left.


Martin Jones said...

Sorry to hear of the death of Bill Patterson and glad that he was able to attend the final reunion in the old buildings in 2007. I think he came to Purley in 1958 and he certainly taught me geography for 2-3 years in the period 1960-66, latterly taking over Room 30 when George Love moved to the new workshops close to the gym. Bill was renowned for turning up late for lessons, making up for lost time by dictating notes at hand-numbing speed. Bill took over as Deputy Head when Birchall retired, and he occupied one of the small rooms close to the main hall next to Arthur Loveland's beloved offset litho copier room. He was, I recall, a bit of a whizz at producing school timetables and was famed for his parts in school productions, notably The Mikado, and for his cricketing prowess, which included matches for the Staff and Old Boys, and coaching and umpiring School teams. To the best of my knowledge, Bill was never Head or Acting Head at Purley, but after I left, Bill moved on to become Head of (?) Royal Russell School at Shirley, a position which I think he occupied until he retired. I won't be able to attend Bill's funeral but I too hope that there will be a number of OP's who can attend. RIP.

Martin Jones said...

Whoops, John Ruskin High School in Shirley rather than Royal Russell, Bill took over as Head of JRHS in 1973.

Anonymous said...

I attended PCGS from 1952 to 1960.
Do I recognise Trevor Bailey in the centre of the front row, and one of the Smith twins? (no relation) in the Umpire's coat? Do you have any more names for those in the photograph?

Michael Smith

Anonymous said...

back row left next to Bill P is Roger Maynard. Back row 2nd from right is Paul Rasor, Front row in batting pads is John Spider Webb sitting next to John Dunning.

Michael Smith said...

Do you have a date for the photograph?

Anonymous said...

i think 1962 as Roger Maynard went to Oxford in 1963

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when Bill Patterson started his service at PCGS?

Anonymous said...

I think around 1958.

He was born in 1930 and did Uni years in Yorkshire before doing his National Service for years in the RAF.
He stayed on to specialise as V bomber navigator before going into their Education Service where he found his love of Teaching. V bombers started flying in 1956 so it could not be prior to that date.

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