Sunday, 30 November 2014

David Coy writes about Bill Rainforth

David Coy writes about Bill Rainforth

"Bill Rainforth.  When I was on the staff 1967-70, Bill was a good pal and valued colleague.  I didn't realise he was as much as 10 years older than me.  One time, there was concern in the staffroom that PGS would become a Comprehensive School with ten streams instead of just three.  Bill advised that it was OK teaching "remedial" classes - you developed lots of tools / techniques and could make good progress with the students BUT the trouble was, "if you teach the remedial classes for too long, you become remedial yourself!!"

RIP Bill, David"

Saturday, 22 November 2014

From the opening brochure of PGS in 1932

The original gymnasium that became the dinner room.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Mike Roberts RIP

David Allen MW writes:

"Dear Nick, I saw the obituary on the site below today and thought you might want to post something on the Fas et Patria site. I didn’t know Mike personally, but discovered a little while back that he had been a Purley Grammar School Boy. Our paths had crossed within the wine trade and I had been meaning to speak to him about his schooling, alas I didn’t get the chance. Looking at his dates I guess he would have been at Purley in the mid to late ‘50s "

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Martin Jones writes about the passing of Bill Rainforth

Bill Rainforth in the 1970 Panorama
Martin Jones writes about the passing of Bill Rainforth 

"I was sorry to hear of the passing of Bill Rainforth. Bill came to Purley from Oxted GS in September 1966 as Head of History when I was beginning my 'A' level History course; and having quickly established that my combination of A levels plus a clash in the timetables meant that I was unable to attend his history lessons, he offered to give up his free periods to teach me English History, 1870 to 1945, on a 1:1 basis. This in fact continued for the full two years of the course, with Bill handing over to Percy Gardner for European History and George Nicholson for American History, again on a 1:1 basis. I was always grateful to Bill (and the others) for their support and for the interest which they tried to generate into teaching History on a 1:1 basis. I repaid them (I think!) by getting a 'D' (pass) in 'A' level History, which enabled me to begin a 30 year career in the Civil Service as an 'A' level entrant. 

Bill was a good teacher at a time when teaching at Purley seemed to be slipping to a low ebb. He later became Head of Woodcote High School in Coulsdon, where I met up with him on a number of occasions, and I was glad to be able to catch up with Bill one last time at the 2007 Reunion. I will probably not be able to attend the funeral next Monday but I hope that there will be a number of OP's who can attend to remember a great teacher. RIP Bill."


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bill Rainforth RIP 1931-2014

Richard Mant brings sad news - "Bill Rainforth passed away this week.  The funeral is at Bletchingly Church, at 2.00 pm on Monday, November 10th, with a reception afterwards at Bletchingly Golf Club.

I knew Bill well: he interviewed me, together with Arthur Jewitt and Bill Patterson, when I applied for the post of History teacher at Purley GS. I then worked with him when we were both appointed House Masters and again when we were both appointed Heads of Year.  He was a clever man and witty.  When he was Deputy Head, we always enjoyed his subtle review of a colleague’s career at Purley when that person was moving on to another post elsewhere. Bill was full of common sense, with both feet firmly on the ground, and he was a good man to turn to for advice. He understood the twists and turns of life and, furthermore, he understood the workings of the teaching profession. He was very supportive if one needed help and he was a great steadying influence at Purley, for both staff and boys alike. 

I hope to be at the funeral and perhaps some OPs will be present too."

Here is Bill at the Reunion in 2007

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