Wednesday, 31 December 2014

PGS opening 1932

Taken from the opening programme. The Hall and the Senior Chemistry Lab. 

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas to all our readers

For that trip down memory lane during this festive time, here is the cover of the Radio Times 1970 showing, amongst others, Cilla and Rolf Harris.

For those of you who want to go back further - here is the entire bound copies of the Bourne magazines from 1919-24. Not many better presents than that this year.

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Thanks for your support in 2014.

Friday, 19 December 2014

1937 - A Visit to the South Kensington Science Museum .

A Visit  to the South Kensington Science Museum. 

Towards the end of last term Mr. Bachelor kindly took some members of IVa and IVb  to  the  Science  Museum, South  Kensington. We first of all visited the Aviation section, which excited much interest among us, as you can well imagine. Among the many different machines I think the "Schneider Trophy" machine and the first 'plane to cross the Atlantic roused the most interest. The Chemical section also ranged amongst the scientific branches. Here we saw specimens of nearly all the elements and crystallised chemical compounds. In the Automobile section we saw a model of a gear-box with which one could practise changing gear. We also saw two very ancient locomotives-" Puffing Billy " and "The Rocket." The  Cinematograph   section  was  very   engrossing,   and whilst we were on our tour of this  section we  had a free cine­matographic  show which  lasted for about half-an -hour.  It was  not  a  "cowboy"  film,  but  a geographical  picture  on wheat farming- needless  to  say,  we   stopped   some   time watching this. We finished the tour in th e \Veights and Measures section. There are some sections we visited that I have not mentioned here, such as the Marine Engine section, the Fire-Engine section, Bridge Construction,  etc. 

We should all like to thank Mr. Bachelor for a most absorbing, instructive and enjoyable afternoon.           "ZIP."

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Prefects' Outing 1925

Prefects' O uti ng 1925. In the first few weeks of this School Term eight of the Prefects had a very pleasant  surprisSir Arthur  Glyn  came to the School and very kindly promised  to take them to town.Accordingly, on  January 29th, a Thursday, we met at London Bridge Station and there awaited Sir Arthur, who brought with him eight boys from Mitcham School. The whole party then walked to the Tower of London and started a very interesting and instructive tour of the fine old buildings, being conducted by one of the beefeaters. The crown jewels, the portcullis and those buildings with particular historical interest were seen, amongst other things. It would be difficult to say what was most interesting, for it needed but little imagination to people those old dark rooms with kings, princes and conspirators, and to place those curious old weapons in the hands of kn ights and soldiers. It must suffice  to say that we all left the Tower with a very pleasing impression of it.Having lunched at \\'aterloo Station, we went to the "Old Vie." with Sir Arthur to see the performance of Shakespeare' s "Richard  11."   The  ideas  of  the  morning's visit to the Tower being still fresh with us, we were able to enjoy the play more fully, and the excellent acting helped to increase this enjoyment still further. The performance being finished, Sir Arthur entertained us to tea at \Vaterloo Station, and, having heartily thanked him for his kindness in taking this interest in us and giving us this day's enjoyment, we left him and returned home with the impression of a day well spent, and, I am sure, fully appreciated.                        E . J. H.  A.

Editors Note - more on Sir Arthur Glyn is found here - founded Glyn Grammar School

Monday, 8 December 2014

1st VX 1957

click to see full sized. 

Good to see Taffy smiling.

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