Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Original Gym - converted to the Dining Hall in the early 1960's

The Original Gym - converted to the Dining Hall in the early 1960's 


Alan Girling said...

It was a lot better dining room than it was a gym. Built on to it were new kitchens which meant that the food was a hell of a lot better than it had been previously (not difficult). One winter, Arthur Jewitt announced at assembly "If you find a bit of glass in your school lunch today it's because some lout has chucked a snowball through the new kitchen window". No question of throwing the food out - health & safety, eat you heart out!

Martin Jones said...

I remember the time that Bill Patterson banned water for a week after someone stuck a fork through the end of some of the plastic cups and wouldn't own up. No question of 'human rights' in those days, laddy! Or the time when a very clever lad in our year, let's call him Anon, stuck a 'this food stinks' label on the side of one of the metal meat / cabbage serving dishes. He was probably right but WRP was not amused!

Patrick Holt said...

I clearly remember that we would line up by houses to go into the first or the second lunch sitting, in the Fifth year playground (behind those parked cars in the photos, outwards from the dining hall, and then file into the dining hall and sit in order of line one table at a time to fill the tables. By the Lower Sixth, I had worked out the system: if you were 9th or 10th in line, you were in charge of dishing out for that table. So I made sure to always be 9th, or 18th, or 27th in line, so I would be dishing up and in charge with my mate, so we could get to serve ourselves the best portion out of the big steel canteens. I couldn't understand why no-one else seemed to be counting places like I did.

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