Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Martin Everett has scanned in some gems part 1

A rare gem indeed as Arthur 'Cringe' Loveland and Vic Gilbert combine to lead the Purley choir at the 1966 Easter Sports Concert. 

Left to right - Arthur; an unknown boy who is looking admiringly (or is it terrifed?) in Arthur's direction; Vic; Giles Easterbrook (doyen of many sports concerts and plays); ? Peter Yorke (but if it is, why the school uniform?); Unknown, partly hidden in the background (? Warburton perhaps?); Mr Jeffries (? Peter?); Unknown; F.D (Des) Coulson (Head of English); Roger Massey (Head Boy 1967/8). Other names would be appreciated please.


Anonymous said...

The frightened looking boy in the photo is most definitely Martin Smith, who worked with John Shirley on more than one memorable drama production. The boy that you thought might be Peter Yorke looks to me facially to be Nick Bignall who of course sadly committed suicide some years ago but I can't remember him being so tall. Giles Easterbrook lives very close to me, is still composing successfully and recently celebrated his 66th birthday.

"Richard (Dick) Newman"

Martin Jones said...


Thank you for these names. I recall Martin Smith and yes, I'm sure you're right. I don't however remember Nick Bignall, but yes, it must be a boy rather than Pete Yorke! I've been 'googling' Giles Easterbrook (as one does), and what a fascinating life and career he must have had. Looks v similar to 1966, and another one perhaps to add to the list of famous OP's. It would be lovely if he could put a comment on this site. Are you able to contact him?

Martin Jones said...

Suggestion almost 50 years on is that the 'choir' were singing The Old Superb from C V Stanford's Songs of the Sea (No. 5)

Martin Smith said...

Yes - the terrified boy is definitely me! And the Peter Yorke/Nick Bignall bloke is neither of them...but I can't help with a positive ID.

Martin Smith

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