Tuesday, 22 September 2015

From the Archives...

Martin Jones has scanned in some treats from Martin Everett's loft.

This one is a programme for the 50th Anniversary Speech Day held at the (then fairly new) Fairfield Halls in October 1964. I certainly remember the event, notably a wonderful 45 minute speech given by Dr Birchall without any trace of notes, and I am sure others who were present will remember this particular evening 51 years on. The writing on the programme is in blue and I hope you can access it OK.

he programme which I scanned to you this afternoon made reference to Admiral Sir W E (William Edmund) Goodenough KCB being the guest speaker at Speech Day in 1923. Sir William actually lived at Parson's Pightle - an old rectory which was later demolished - the grounds of which subsequently became the home of the OP's for many years. Thought you might like to know!

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Alan Girling said...

I was there at Fairfield Halls, and remember the Bishop of Croydon handing out the prizes - not that I ever got one. He was dressed in his gaiters, and one 5th former whom I remember well but shall remain nameless said to the bishop after the speeches "I like your gear, Rev". Not too sure the 'Rev' actually understood the remark....

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