Friday, 23 October 2015

Who is that boy ?

Mike Smith has thrown some light on the photo below and the quiz question of "Who is that boy?"

"The boy crossing the road at The Parade in 1950’s looks rather like Alan Cooper of 3G but the photo is rather too blurred to be sure. If it is Alan, you can see what he looked like in 1952 close-up in the school panorama of that year. He is in the second row, immediately in front of the teachers, Messrs Griffin and Nicholson. I was in the same class and photo. I appear in the top row on the extreme right between Holiday on my left; Woodward on my right; and behind Reeves (on my right); Younghusband and Southgate (on my left). ( click here to see the whole 1952 panorama )

Best regards,

Mike Smith"

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Graham Tong's archive from the early 1970's part 4 - That fateful day.

The fateful day when John Sutherland was injured in the School v Staff match. I am not sure that he ever regained the same playing standard after this injury.

Can anyone name all the staff ?

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Graham Tong's archive from the early 1970's part 3 - A Sports Concert in years gone by

Sports Concert in years gone by - maybe 1975 ? 

Bunkell (student) is on the left and Messrs Waters, Jarman & Wright are the three members of staff on the right. I have no idea of the names of the other three students.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Graham Tong's archive from the early 1970's part 2

Rugby 1974-75 (l to r) Back row
1.       John Sutherland
2.       Paul Cranham
3.       Malcolm Boswell
4.       Brendan Foster
5.       Bruce Grenfell
6.       Gareth (Wally) Pierce
7.       Bob Janes       
8.       John Coleman (?)

Front Row
1.       Howard (Dickie) Bird
2.       Paul Cox
3.       …….. Rooney(?)
4.       Bob Pearce
5.       Gary ‘Bert’ Head
6.       Kevin Hogg
7.       Alan Wales

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Graham Tong's archive from the early 1970's part 1

Graham Tong writes: "I have been having a tidy up/sort out at home. The attached may be of interest if you do not already have these in your archives. The following names are as best I can recall (with a little help from Alec Martin for the later years)…..

UPDATE from Martin Hooper - "No7 Ian Carter . No 8 Roger Penn scorer. Ian was in my class 1 a from 1970. Roger Penn is John's twin and I played cricket with both of them at chipstead and coulsdon and still see them from time to time"

Cricket 1975 (left to right) Back row
1.       Les Blyth
2.       ?
3.       Paul Cocks
4.       Graham (Baz) Hooper
5.       Alec Martin
6.       Cliff Wade
7.       ?
8.       ?
Front Row
1.       John Penn
2.       Jerry Seymour
3.       Ken Rose
4.       Ian Childs
5.       Mick Martin
6.       Graham Watson

Rugby 1970-71 (left to right) Back Row
1.       Andrew ‘Killer’ Kennedy
2.       Vince Day
3.       Ray Coyte
4.       Graham Bridges
5.       ?
6.       Terry Byrne
7.       Richard Cox
8.       Tim Edwards
9.       Alan (?) Bainbridge
Front Row
1.       Richard Clemence
2.       Martin Castle
3.       Clive Bealey
4.       Graham Boswell
5.       Graham Tong
6.       Phil Whittaker
7.       David ‘Eric’ Edge
8.       Paul Thomas
9.       Simon Vickery (RIP) 

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