Friday, 27 November 2015

Repost - What is this man running for?

One of the rarest photos on the Web. 

Here we see George Nicholson in action in 1960 running past the newly constructed bike sheds. Some observers believe he was running towards the Junior Showers in time to catch the 1a ablutions in order to lecture on Nazi perversions. Others believe he was speeding towards the Staff room having discovered the Tank Top later made famous by Frank Spencer. Any other suggestions?

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Athletic Sports 1964 - a gem from Martin Everett - Part 1

Another gem from Martin Everett's garage (rather than loft), this time a programme for the curiously-named 'Athletic Sports 1964'. Hopefully it can be read OK despite the years languishing in a rain-swept garage in the West of Scotland! I wonder how many readers will spot their names.

Sports Days were always held in the last few days of the summer term, with leavers staying on to take part. I think it was this particular Sports Day that was enlivened when a baton was dropped during a senior relay race and the last runner for the team was left trying to do the impossible and catch up a 50 yd gap to the finish. The runner in question came down the home straight at full pelt uttering oaths and various words which should not have been uttered in front of the assembled VIP's and boys, and it came as no real surprise when AJ stepped in at the finish and invited 'Tom' to see him in his study at the conclusion of the afternoon. How we laughed! I remember who the boy was but I shall not tell on him 51 years later! It will be seen that Sports Day or Athletic Sports went on for well over 2 hours, and there was no question of leaving early without a pass which was difficult to get. The Sports Day was usually followed by an Open Evening or Sports Concert, and it was amazing how many boys joined the school choir for the occasion, with its automatic access to a pass from Paddy Collins. Happy days!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Purley Boys 50th Anniversary at the Fairfield Halls 1964 part 1

Thanks for Martin Jones for these priceless scans - published here in 2 parts as too much excitement is not good for us old 'uns !

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Then and Now - the Hooper Brothers

Separated at an early age, Graham and Martin Hooper were stalwarts of Purley Boys playing both Rugby and Cricket. 

Still playing cricket in 2015 they can now be found foraging for their lost golf balls on almost any course in the UK. 

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