Friday, 27 November 2015

Repost - What is this man running for?

One of the rarest photos on the Web. 

Here we see George Nicholson in action in 1960 running past the newly constructed bike sheds. Some observers believe he was running towards the Junior Showers in time to catch the 1a ablutions in order to lecture on Nazi perversions. Others believe he was speeding towards the Staff room having discovered the Tank Top later made famous by Frank Spencer. Any other suggestions?


Martin Jones said...

We've seen this one before.! Definitely rushing to get changed and on to the 3.59pm 190 bus before the hordes of kids exited the school. I think this photo is 1961 or 1962 rather than 1960 as I don't recall the shiny new metal bike sheds being in place when I arrived at the school in October 1960 (only the wooden sheds near to the pavilion where the odd fag was smoked when the teachers and prefects were not looking!). I seem to recall there was an old air raid shelter in place where the new bike sheds were located, and this was removed when the new science blocks were built in the early 1960's. Could someone perhaps confirm whether I'm right on this. The portacabins Tom, Dick and Harry can be seen behind, and I 'enjoyed' time in both Harry and then Tom, my 1st year at the school lasting almost two years for various reasons.

Martin Jones said...

This from a member of 1A, 1961/2:

Sorry, I have no recollection of an air raid shelter. Perhaps demolished the year before I arrived? Which of course was Sep '61.

Brought back memories of 'Tom' though.

Taffy Williams; "Open all those windows for heavens sake, it's like a mausoleum in here!"

Paddy Collins (next lesson); "Shut all those windows at once, do you want to freeze to death?

Perhaps my memories of events 54-55 years are not as good as thought they were! MJ

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