Friday, 23 September 2016

Nigel Bowles in full flight 1972

Here is a gem showing Nigel Bowles tackling in a PGS Rugby XV shirt in 1973 but the strange thing is that Dave Shepherd is clearly in the background watching on. The theory is that he is reffing the match but the arm bands on his shirt are the same as the design on the school shirts. Maybe a different colour ? Shep himself cannot explain the disconnect as he was already on the teaching staff by this time. 

Who is being tackled - Is Hugh Thomas ?

Shep writes "It looks like Keith Peters he would have been a few years older than Nigel but cannot be exactly sure what year - it wasn't an Old Boys v School match?  Keith still goes up to the Rugby Club so may be able to help. 

I could have been reffing as I used to have a college shirt which was bottle green with a purple and white band?  The shirts look similar style but the colours would have been very different.  If it was an Old Boys match Keith would have been in the black and white strip. 

Another very strong possibility is that I was playing
for the school team
against the Old Boys at full back - I do remember Hugh Thomas playing in one of those games and he ended up in hospital with a compressed vertebra - rather a come down from playing stand off for Pontypool!

Very sad going through Nigel's photos, but certainly a great photo - I keep meaning to go through all my photos up in the loft but as usual am doing far too much....... one day perhaps .......somewhere I should have some photos of the Norway trip with Bill P.

Best wishes

Dave Shep"

PS Editor's Note - Clive Bealey writes "I think Dave Shep is confused a bit-it was John Sutherland who ended up in hospital with a damaged vertebrae after Boswell and myself took him out following a ‘bomb’ from our fly-half (probably Pete Irwin). It finished his county career poor chap but he did get back to playing first team rugby for Streatham-Croydon.

Ah, those were the days. Adults would never be allowed to play against schoolboys these days!

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Monday, 19 September 2016

Badminton team 1979

Rear - Richard Fuller, ? Schofield 
Front - Paul Knight,  ? Drake, ? Smith, Peter Jenkins

Monday, 12 September 2016

Cross Country team with George Nicholson circa 1977-8

The Cross Country team under George Herbert Nicholson.  Incredibly, he was still alive in 2007 - if he is still with us now he is 97 years old. Well Really.! 

Front Row - L-R  - George Nicholson Mark Whiitingham (owned a donkey), Toby McDaniel & Neil MacPherson  

Boys names  for those standing ? Suggestions in the box below please.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

It all started here - 50 years ago today

On Tuesday, September 6th 1966 I, along with many others started school at Purley Grammar. We were introduced to the school life by Bill Patterson - Arthur Jewitt took the first Assemly and we were split up into 3 classes. 1A, B and C. 

Hymn books and Calendars were handed out and we had our first school lunch.

50 years later many of us still meet up and have remained friends throughout that time. 

It seemed a drab boring time regardless of what was written about the Swinging Sixties in more recent times. 

None of us have aged.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Prefects from 1958

  Top Row: 1?  2?. 3 "Tubby"  Coombs 4 Dr. Paul Rasor 5 Paul Gawith      6 Peter "Budgie" Budge7? 8? 9? 10 Dave "Noddy" Lawrence11,12,13 ???Front row:-1? 2? 3 Kendrick,4 Dave Andrews 6,7,8, Dr. Birchall, Dave Shepherd Arhur J.  ????? 

Paul Gawith writes ( in the back row ) - "here is my memory of the names.From the Back Row Left to Right1) ?2) Martin Pollard3) Dave Coombe4) Paul Rasor5) Paul Gawith6) Peter Budge7) Joe Seaborn8)?9) Peter Sparkes10) Dave Lawrence11) Cameron Burridge12) Malcolm Aish13)  Bob SmithFront Row Left to Right1) Charles Patience2) Peter Isaacs3)        Cullen4) David Andrews5) Brian White6) Dr B7) David Shepherd - Head Boy8) AJ9) ?10 ?11) (Titch)     Bradbury (known as Titch, Christian name ?)12) Tony Coles13) ?Sorry there are a few gaps in my memory".

Fas et Patria

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