Tuesday, 6 September 2016

It all started here - 50 years ago today

On Tuesday, September 6th 1966 I, along with many others started school at Purley Grammar. We were introduced to the school life by Bill Patterson - Arthur Jewitt took the first Assemly and we were split up into 3 classes. 1A, B and C. 

Hymn books and Calendars were handed out and we had our first school lunch.

50 years later many of us still meet up and have remained friends throughout that time. 

It seemed a drab boring time regardless of what was written about the Swinging Sixties in more recent times. 

None of us have aged.

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Martin Jones said...

Congratulations on your 50th anniversary and good to hear that you are still meeting up after all these years.

On 6th Sept 1966, I/we would have been starting in Lower VI Mod 1 with Tony Holcombe in the small Room 9 next to 'Happy' Howden's Careers Room. Nice guy, Tony and just right for the 6th year. The opening assembly would have been interminably long and been punctuated with boys being carried out to the medical room and perhaps with a rendering of Hymn 333, 'Lord behold us with thy blessing, once again assembled here', with Ian Curror or David Brookshaw on the piano. I cannot recall the lunch we would have had but it would probably have been something really inviting like liver and semolina or spam fritters and tapioca pudding. And you 1st years would have headed out to catch the 3.23pm 190 bus to Coulsdon and beyond, leaving the rest of us to compete for the 4.13pm or (if we were lucky and got out early) the 3.59pm bus.

The pictures are interesting. Coulsdon town centre has snow on the ground, an '01 660' telephone number and a Chinese restaurant sign, and my guess is Dec 1981 or Jan 1987, both of which were particularly snowy. The 410 bus is a RLH model, 'LH' denoting 'low height' in view of some overhanging buildings in Oxted High Street. Some boys coming in from Oxted or Limpsfield may well have used the 410 bus for part of their journey. The other buses are RT models. The green 409 is (I believe) a preserved model on a bus rally, the 190 with the 'HLX' number plate is an early model in the RT series, with a number between 153 and 200, whilst green RT 4742 is seen on the 411 route which ran from West Croydon to Reigate via Old Coulsdon and Godstone.

Happy days!

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