Thursday, 1 September 2016

Prefects from 1958

  Top Row: 1?  2?. 3 "Tubby"  Coombs 4 Dr. Paul Rasor 5 Paul Gawith      6 Peter "Budgie" Budge7? 8? 9? 10 Dave "Noddy" Lawrence11,12,13 ???Front row:-1? 2? 3 Kendrick,4 Dave Andrews 6,7,8, Dr. Birchall, Dave Shepherd Arhur J.  ????? 

Paul Gawith writes ( in the back row ) - "here is my memory of the names.From the Back Row Left to Right1) ?2) Martin Pollard3) Dave Coombe4) Paul Rasor5) Paul Gawith6) Peter Budge7) Joe Seaborn8)?9) Peter Sparkes10) Dave Lawrence11) Cameron Burridge12) Malcolm Aish13)  Bob SmithFront Row Left to Right1) Charles Patience2) Peter Isaacs3)        Cullen4) David Andrews5) Brian White6) Dr B7) David Shepherd - Head Boy8) AJ9) ?10 ?11) (Titch)     Bradbury (known as Titch, Christian name ?)12) Tony Coles13) ?Sorry there are a few gaps in my memory".


Martin Jones said...

1962/3 rather than 1958 I believe. Dave Shepherd was head boy that year and some of the boys listed are shown in 'The Bourne' gaining 'A' levels in the Upper Sixth, including P A Rasor in Botany, Chemistry and Zoology. Also I remember Peter Budge as a prefect from what would have been my 2nd year at the school, in 2LB with Paddy Collins in the new Room 31. Regrettably I can't name any of the others in the photo and unfortunately the names of the prefects that year are not listed in The Bourne.

Anonymous said...

It's my big brother, Peter Isaac (not Isaacs as labelled) who appears second from left, front row - he now lives in the US and turned 72 in Jan 2017. I recall some of the names here who were his pals: David Shepherd (who later taught at Purley when I was there in the 70s, although he didn't teach me), Cameron Burridge, Brian White, Malcolm Aish, Paul Razor (who took me for one class at Keston Primary 1966-67 - I think he must have been doing teacher training practice). My brother Peter still has an album with pics of some of these fellows. I was at Purley 1972 - 1975 during Akers' time.
Best, Jeremy Isaac

Howard Stanley said...

No 9 in the back row is Mick Reardon, and far left No 13 in front row is Wilson, F/Sgt in the ATC that year.

I was in U6 Sc with these guys, and the year was 62/63.

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