Thursday, 29 December 2016

A rare photo of Mr Appleton

French Teacher 1970's - 1980's. Not sure if he is still with us ! 

Friday, 23 December 2016

Cricket team1963

Cricket team 1963 Back Row - Vic Gilbert - ? Dave Lawrence ? David Shepherd ? Bill Patterson. Front Row - ? Dave Andrews,  Paul Rasor, Pete Budge,  ? ? ?

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Sports Concert Script 1973

 Malcolm Grant and  David Beatty ( RIP 1982 ) perform the script shown below. Found and scanned by Peter Smith in Perth WA. He wrote it along with Nick Peaty.

Monday, 19 December 2016

More from the 1973 Sports Concert

Whilst on the theme of the 1973 Sports Concert - Paul Masters stabs Caesar ( David Fitzgerald ) whilst Paul Rawcliffe and Paul Bradshaw chat in the background.

Friday, 16 December 2016

A very special Christmas update - George Love speaks

 A very special Christmas update on - part of the 1973 Sports Concert captured on reel to reel tape. Now restored you can hear George Love speaking. 

At around 51 seconds in you can hear George Love speaking from that distant shore. A freaky feeling that transports me back to the metalwork workshop in the early 1970's. More details to come but Richard Cox, Chris Lehur, Phil Jones, Peter Smith, Nick Peaty feature.  Turn on your speakers and click the link

Friday, 9 December 2016

The Gym Changing rooms - digging foundations swimming pool orange ring pull can

The Gym Changing room doors. When digging the foundations to the swimming pool someone was drinking a can of orange. Amazed they had ring pull cans back then. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Chris Cuffe has found even more details on Arthur "Cringe" Loveland. Amazing research. He is 2nd from the left

He is 2nd from the left 

Transit to Canada for Halifa training document to allow Arthur Loveland into Canada from US.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Arthur Charles Loveland - his medals were on Ebay.

Great thanks to Chris Cuffe and Alan Girling for their work on researching "Cringe".

 In uniform

A Boxed WW2 RAF Aircrew Medal Group to P.O.W. Arthur Charles Loveland 143493. Arthur Charles Loveland was in RAF 78 Squadron and he was from London. His plane was shot down flying to Essen in Halifax MkII HR687 EY-G. The other crew were John Rawson Thompson - Killed, Kenneth William Mercer - P.O.W, Otto Vance Proctor - P.O.W, Alfred David Leyshon - P.O.W, Arthur Edward Blackwell - Killed, Douglas Raymond Chiswell- P.O.W, Edward Charles Bert Williams- Killed. 

There is quite a lot of information on this man and crew on the internet when you Google Arthur Charles Loveland's name and there is a photograph of him that is in the public domain so I have put that with the lot. The London Gazette shows that the man was a Sergeant in March 1943 being promoted to Flying Officer in September 1943 (he was a prisoner by this time) and in March 1945 he was made Flight Lieutenant. 

The records on the internet also show that as a Prisoner of War Arthur Charles Loveland was in the notorious Stalag Luft 3. The lot consist of an Air Ministry Box addressed to the man a set of mounted as worn miniatures of the 1939/45, Air Crew Europe and War Medals, A ribbon bar with pin that has the 1939/45 and Air Crew Ribbons on it. A 1939/45 Star with original Ribbon, An ORIGINAL Air Crew Europe Medal with original ribbon and a War Medal. Along with the medals is an Air Ministry Medal Certificate and a "ribbon medal slip" that shows w
hat entitlement is in the box. The research will also be sent to the winning bidder. Overall a good original Scarce Air Crew Europe medal group to a Prisoner of War. 

Friday, 2 December 2016

UPDATED - Arthur "Cringe" Loveland - War record

Alan Girling did some research earlier in the year on Arthur "Cringe" Loveland - and his War record. He now has an update.

"I was having a browse through some RAF archive photos sent to me by a contact (a mine of historical information) and among some photos I spotted this photo of a Halifax Bomber.  Something about it rang a bell - notably the markings on the fuselage.  A quick check showed it was from the same squadron with which Arthur Loveland flew.  His aircraft that was shot down was EY-G,  and the one pictured, just having taken off, which would have been an identical aircraft, is EY-U (the letters EY are the 78 Squadron identification markings).  It's not impossible that Arthur also flew in this Halifax (crews didn't just stick exclusively to one aircraft) although without his log book there's no way of telling for sure.  Wish I'd come across this when I first put the piece together about him, but thought you might be interested to see it.  Amazing coincidence to happen across this."

From the same archive - this is what his working space would have been like - both taken inside a Halifax. The escape hatch was beneath his seat. Health &amp, Safety eat your heart out... From the same archive - this is what his working space would have been like - both taken inside a Halifax. The escape hatch was beneath his seat. Health &amp Safety eat your heart out...

The original is here - please click 

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