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Simon Vicary on air at CNN

Many will remember Simon Vicary from the 1966 intake and how he passed away sadly in 2013. He carved a career on CNN in Atlanta.

Here is a short video of the CNN newsroom in 1986 - the Challenger shuttle disaster - check out Simon Vicary at 3.58 for 6 seconds or so

Click this link to see the video.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

1971-72 U13 Rugby

1971-72 U13 Rugby L-R Back Row. M Mayes, N Lever, P Hooley, P Thomas, S Brown, P Wilson, M de Leiburne, P Swinburn. Front Row N Burchell, S Harvey, N Pearce, J Camden, J Seymour, N Goldney, I Gaubert, D Howells,M Hooper. Not in photograph. I Carter 

click the photo to see it full size.

Thanks again to Neil Burchall for this.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Mr Mant and the Rugby team 1974

U16 1974-75 L-R Back Row. Mr R Mant. D Howells,S Harvey,N Pearce, S Pike, P Jackson, S Wood, P Swinburn,P Hooley, S Heath. Front Row. N Burchell, J Hasler,I Carter, N Keyte,J Seymour, P Wilson, P Thomas, A Fowler.

Thanks to Neil Burchall for this.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

More from David Edge - U15's Rugby 1970-71

U15's Rugby 1970-71
Back Row L-R S.Kennedy*, V.Day, R.Coyte, G.Bridges*, ?.Williamsom, T.Byrne, R.Cox*, T.Edwards, ?.Baimbridge. Front Row L-R R.Clemence*, M.Castle*, C.Bealey*, G.Boswell*, G.Tong* (Captain), P.Whittaker*, D.Edge*, P.Thomas*, S.Vicary* * = Colours Tie.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

U16 Basketball Team 1970-1

David Edge has found a few unseen pics here he is the Basketball Croydon Cup Winners 1970-71. 

Back Row L-R R.Cox, R.Clemence, G.Boswell, T.Edwards. Front Row L-R D.Edge, C.Bealey, G.Tong (Captain), P.Thomas Terry Byrne

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