Friday, 28 April 2017

Tales of Vic Gilbert from David Coy

David Coy writes "Do you remember Vic Gilbert (French teacher)?  Vic was an avid Palace supporter, never missed a match (except early season when he was committed to umpiring 1st XI cricket).  One day when I was on the staff, it would have been a Wednesday when I had a free last period of the day.  Vic wanted to get to a Palace match that evening at Bristol City, and he'd worked out that if he could miss last period when he had a class, by bus & train he could get to Ashton Gate in time for the match.  He asked me to sit in with his class; they would be doing pre-set study.  Vic couldn't walk out of school early past the Headmaster's office, he had to climb over a fence at the back to avoid being seen!!  All went smoothly, Vic got to the match and was back all set for class next morning!!  Lovely guy, died from cancer about mid-1970s, I'd say. Smoked a pipe."  190 rather than 197. I have told David about the time when Vic's coat caught fire although I didn't unfortunately witness it!   Ref Vic Gilbert going to see the Palace at Bristol City, I had not heard this story before. With the wonders of Google, I have established that the match in question was played in Feb 1969, therefore in Derek Akers' time, but I don't imagine Derek would have been any more receptive to teachers leaving early to attend football matches than either of his predecessors! This from Philip Odell on Vic:    "Have found the piece in the programme that I was looking for. The programme was for the game with Rotherham on 23 October 1965. It reads as follows:-  Mr V Gilbert of Milner Close, Caterham, informs us that with regard to our mention of a 'lone fan' at the away match at Bolton, that in fact there were at least nine or ten other ardent Palace fans including himself at the game. Thank you very much Mr Gilbert and the others for your ardent support. " 

Rugger dance 1953

Who is this at the Rugger dance in 1953 ?

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

More from the Pavilion steps - E J Hurst making the presentation with Dr. Birchall

Names, Year? Answers in the comments box below please

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Cricket Colts 1964 ish

Alan Girling writes - "Not much help with this I'm afraid.  Tall guy 3rd from left is called Lyle I think.  Teacher is Mr J Hodgson - he was my form master in 2nd year and left about the 4th I think (1964).  Font row third from left looks like Bill Mathie, but I think this may be a 2nd XI from about '63 or '64 and I don't thnk Bill played at that level back then.  Far right seated has been mistaken in the past for Adrian Christie but I'm pretty sure it's not him for the same reason as the Mathie lookalike probably isn't him either.  The scorer is definitely Bob Coney, who was in my year, as were Bill and Adrian.  Bob looks younger than the two possibles in the picture, suggesting it's not them.  But have no clue on the rest I'm afraid"

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Swimming Pool Construction

Mike de Jong
 1979/1980.... used it for first time in spring 1980... I was on swimming Team... remember how cold it was.... no roof & no heating
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John Hurt acres would throw us in and then bomb on top of us! heathen!!! flippin colder than a very cold thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Steve Watt Remember pudding it apres Tudor circa 1980 (second pool i fundraiser for and never got any benefit from see Chipstead valley previously)
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Dean Cronshaw Remember doing sponsored walks to raise the funds for this, I think one was at Kenley aerodrome.
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Kevin Coleman I remember helping to dig it!!! I'm guessing 81
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Tony Brooks 79, it was finished, I was the first one in and monitor for the pool... I also remember the sponsored walks around Kenley Aerodrome.
It officially opened in spring 1980
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Chris Potter I left (expelled) in early July 1980 and I'm sure, having done the Kenley Aerodrome sponsored walk previously, 

Patrick Holt The roof wasn't finished until 1983, I think, during the summer holiday between my 4th and 5th years. The path wasn't done properly and finished until just before the Summer Fete the latter school year. It was a big deal at the time because it couldn't be used while the roof was going on, so it was formerly re-opened so we could use it in the 1983-84 year, giving another Games was built by then!

Friday, 14 April 2017

Oxford University outing by pupils 1953.

Oxford University outing by pupils 1953. They all look too old to be at Uni.
Anyone know any names?

Tony Pickup I think that's Mr Carey with the specs and on his right it could be one of the Tidy brothers. I recognise the fair (actually ginger) head second from the right in the back row, but the name escapes me. Don't know why they all look so miserable.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Snowdon hut- drying wet trousers c1955. A very atmospheric shot.

Tony Pickup I don't think we had the hut until after I left in '57, but it was being talk about. I don't recognise the individual either. On another occasion it could well have been me as I got absolutely saturated on one venture - I think I was lucky not to suffer from hypothermia.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Pavilion prize giving - Sportsday 1981

Paul Masters says " Malcolm Stayton doing a good impression of John Cazale "

Friday, 7 April 2017

Building works 1983 ? Any ideas?

Patrick Holt
 Early '80s, going by the clothes and car. I'm guessing that's related to the swimming pool again, possibly the rebuilding of the path which was botched by a short-lived teacher who got sacked for extortion and other criminal activities at his previous job at Haling Manor.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

YOU BOY ! what are you wearing on your feet ?!

YOU BOY ! what are you wearing on your feet ?!

Saturday, 1 April 2017

A gem from Graham Tong.

Talk about a hoarder ?! - see what Graham Tong has kept.  It is an old bus ticket for the 59 route (Thornton Heath to the Tudor Rose) which was the forerunner of the 190 route. 

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