Saturday, 15 April 2017

Swimming Pool Construction

Mike de Jong
 1979/1980.... used it for first time in spring 1980... I was on swimming Team... remember how cold it was.... no roof & no heating
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John Hurt acres would throw us in and then bomb on top of us! heathen!!! flippin colder than a very cold thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Steve Watt Remember pudding it apres Tudor circa 1980 (second pool i fundraiser for and never got any benefit from see Chipstead valley previously)
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Dean Cronshaw Remember doing sponsored walks to raise the funds for this, I think one was at Kenley aerodrome.
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Kevin Coleman I remember helping to dig it!!! I'm guessing 81
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Tony Brooks 79, it was finished, I was the first one in and monitor for the pool... I also remember the sponsored walks around Kenley Aerodrome.
It officially opened in spring 1980
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Chris Potter I left (expelled) in early July 1980 and I'm sure, having done the Kenley Aerodrome sponsored walk previously, 

Patrick Holt The roof wasn't finished until 1983, I think, during the summer holiday between my 4th and 5th years. The path wasn't done properly and finished until just before the Summer Fete the latter school year. It was a big deal at the time because it couldn't be used while the roof was going on, so it was formerly re-opened so we could use it in the 1983-84 year, giving another Games was built by then!

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