Saturday, 6 May 2017

Gary Maguire - Purley High School for Boys - 1971-1978 RIP

Steve Ellett (PHS -1969-1976) brings sad news.

"Dear Nick

I bring sad news of an old boy of Purley, who I have just learned has passed away at a ridiculously young age.

Gary was at Purley between the years above. He was also my near neighbour, living just 5 houses away. When his mum passed away he was just 10, and for my teenage years became almost one of the family as his father was in the police force and worked shifts. I was 2 years above Gary at Purley.

From Purley, Gary went to Nottingham University and studied mathematics, graduating in 1981 or 1982. From there I know he spent some time in the United States but after around 1985 we lost contact. He ended up in Dover, Kent and passed away on 9th May 2014. He was just 54. More than this I simply dont know so if any other readers of Fas et Patria know any more information than this, I would be really interested in knowing."


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if he was related to Sean Maguire ? He lived in Purley and would have been at PHSB from 1980.

Unknown said...

No.... not related

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