Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Mike Fleming and Dudley Broster RIP

I am sad to have to pass on the sad news that two stalwarts of PGS have passed away. 

Mike Fleming was a regular wing for the club until his work took him overseas. When he returned he was a regular at the home match lunches. His funeral will take place on Monday 22 May at the Randalls Park Crematorium in Randalls Road, Leatherhead, KT22 0AG and the family hope to see his old friends there. 

Dudley Broster left school and went straight into the Canadian Airforce where he flew fast jets for 12 years coming back to the club for the odd game. After a short stay with BEA he joined Cathay Pacific as a captain of long haul jets and lived it up in Hong Kong. When Branson formed Virgin Airlines Dudley was their first pilot. His first job was to interview air crew. Dudley lived life to the full. His funeral is to be just a family affair.

 John Hanson writes "I knew Dudley quite well, and when was posted to UK (whilst in the Canadian Air Force)  he would bring me quarts of spirits (gin and whisky) because he had access to the American PX (rather like the UK NAAFI) - these bottles cost 15/- (shillings = 75 pence!).  He took me up to London once to a secret place in the Charing Cross road.  It was a drinking establishment giving top class entertainment place to all USA and Canadian military personnel  - all free except drink. One could only get in by knocking on a panel of a door - it opened and the code word for entry was "Mama Sent Me"   Those were the days!"

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