Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The new extension - 1976 - and some comments

Nick Winterton Seem to remember subsidence issues-fractured off from the main building-big cracks in the walls...in this day and age would prolly be sealed off pending H & S assessment 

Mike de Jong  Uptairs was library and some 6th form classrooms. Downstairs 6th form common room, some offices, entrance hall and DoGS torture room... from what I remember from 36 year ago…  

Paul Masters Ah, well, that extension was not built using the deep expertise that was deployed on the gym (or was it ... my memory of exactly where we ferried 25 kg bags of cement and swept up is a little hazy!)  

Tony Rogers  Top floor was my class. I'm sure head masters Office was below our class, I remember Rob French jumped out the window

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