Tuesday, 9 January 2018

School re-opens on 9th January

Marin Jones writes "School re-opens on 9th January when The Revd Holt will lead us in singing the first part of hymn 333, 'Lord behold us with thy blessing, once again assembled here'. This will be followed by Day 2 Latin when Mr Stachak will be revising the second declension (gender masculine), including the sad tale of Marcus who didn't like the master at his school - " Puer", inquit, "tu laboro numquam" - along with a quick-fire quiz on the demonstrative - hic, haec, hoc; ille, illa, illud.


Martin Jones said...

Ian Curror, who was one of 2-3 accomplished pianists at Purley in the 1960s, writes:

"When I was in 2LB Paddy Collins gave me a full music edition of Songs of Praise one day and told me I would be playing the hymns in assembly from now on! This caused me to be extremely nervous every day. Unpleasant as it was, it helped me to become accustomed to stage fright and, in retrospect, I feel grateful for the enforced experience. Do you remember the awful dining room piano? It was a relief when we moved to the hall with its beautiful Steinway. I wonder what happened to it".

Any thoughts on what happened to the Steinway would no doubt be appreciated. Is it by any chance in the new building? I recall the piano in the dining room where junior assembly was held with The Revd Holt (Birchall on Fridays). I also remember a harmonium, operated by foot pedals, which was given to the school and replaced the piano in the dining room for a few weeks until the designated player refused to continue, it being almost impossible to play well by even accomplished musicians!

Anonymous said...

So there was a GREEN Marchant & Watson? If that was Part 1, what part was the "RED Marchant & Watson", so frequently referred to by GLO?

Martin Jones said...

Yes, the green Marchant & Watson was first printed 80 years ago in May 1938 and was reprinted no less than 17 times up until 1966 which is when my version was published. According to a prologue of other books written by the same authors,

'the New Latin Course Part II bridges the gap between Part I and Latin Prose Composition by the same authors. The three books together cover the journey from the start to a goal some way beyond GCE Ordinary Level.'

It may be that Part II was the red version to which you refer.

Being reprinted in 1966, I could not have used this particular copy of the green book, as I staggered through 'O' level Latin (at the 2nd attempt) in January of that year after five years of teaching from Stachak. The copy was of course stamped in numerous places with the blue 'Purley County Grammar School, Old Coulsdon, Surrey'; and at the front, there is a label (printed by Ramsdens of Kenley), saying that it was the property of the School and was 'lent' to 'C Collins, 1A, 1966/67'. I have a feeling that this was Paddy Collins' son, can anyone confirm? If it was, he must have left Purley a short while later after his father secured a job in Cardiff. I'm sure we'd love to hear from CC after 51 years, but if you are after me returning the book to you, forget it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comprehensive reply regarding the red Marchant & Watson. I think the red book must have been Part II. I remember seeing a copy of the green Part I in a cupboard. I used the red book in the fourth and fifth forms. I remember watching Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot on the television the day before an 'O' Level Latin exam and learning all the words in the vocabulary section at the back. By the end of the afternoon I had memorised the entire vocabulary section
(my only revision for that exam!)and achived a grade C. If only I had worked harder!

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