Friday, 2 February 2018

Colts Rugby XV 1964

Alan Girling has added some more information to his photo.

"I think we have 'done' this photo before but I can supply all the names except one, whose name escapes me entirely.  I think that's because he wasn't at the school with us from the 1st form but I might be wrong.  This looks like the Colts XV which would have made it the 1963-4 season.  This was my last rugby season as the date coincided with the building of the new gym with strange-looking backboards and rings mounted at either end, and marked the beginning of my basketball career for which our first coach was Derek Jones, also the teacher pictured in the photo.  I remember him telling us early on that this was a non-contact sport!  I still have several scars and mis-shapen joints to testify to the accuracy of that statement.

Anyway, here goes with the photo.  Back row L-R: Ray Haynes, Phil Windley, Paul Catley, Chris Wakeman, Mr Derek Jones, Roger Massey, me, Geoff Pickerill, Steve Taylor; Front row L-R: Mark Potashnick, Tim Harper, Pete van der Mey, unknown (Martin may help here), Mick Giradot, Keith Peraux, Rob Lane, Bill Mathie, Alan Kennett.

Mick Giradot was a regular for Surrey Colts where he played at centre or on the wing.  Bill Mathie and Roger Massey went on to be head boys in 66-7 and 67-8 respectively.  Our font row was messrs Harper, van der Mey and Peraux, flankers were Kennett , Windley and Taylor, the other 3 were Pickerill, Catley and Massey.  Haynes and unknown were scrum halves (although I did have to step in once due to illness, a game I remember well as the elastic went in my shorts and I had to try to feed the scrum either one- handed or with my shorts round my knees and heading south), Potashnick was fly half, Giradot and Wakeman centres and Rob Lane and me on the wings, although I did fill in quite a bit in the centre too, and Mathie at full back.  I think we had a reasonable record but couldn't quote figures.

To be honest, rugby wasn't really my forte, and I was glad when I was able to apply more subtle skills (ahem!) on the smaller court!

Just wish I could remember who Mr Unknown is.  It may come to me...."


Martin Jones said...

No sooner said than done. Dusting down my copy of The Bourne for 1963/4, I find that the only name you've not mentioned is 'Wright'. I think this must be Malcolm Wright who was an ace footballer as well as a rugby player in my year. It looks like him although I am sure he was at Purley in the 1st year, so possibly it is someone else not mentioned in The Bourne. Mr Jones was something of a multi-tasker at Purley, teaching Latin, History and RE as well as games. Good memory Alan, I would have been able to name Giradot, Lane and Massey but no-one else.

Alan Girling said...

Thanks Martin. The name Malcolm Wright doesn't ring any bells but you're probably correct. I don't think he was a regular in the team which might explain my memory failure on him. I did have the name Reynolds buzzing around my brain at the time I sent this to Nick but that was probably entirely unconnected. You know what it's like .....

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