Saturday, 17 March 2018

Rugby 2nd XV 1981

Rod Bird 81 is correct! My year! 2nd XV
Chris Mitchelmore Andy Tubb, Ralph Travers, Paul Edwards, Kevin Mackenzie, Mathew Blows, Donaldson, others on the tip of my tongue?? It’s been a while!
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Russell Zenthon Looking back at faces from the past.. very strange
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Andrew Bignall Middle row right

Friday, 16 March 2018

Senior Chemistry Lab - any ideas on the date and names? 1940's ?

"Edward Etherington says - I was there late 50's to mid 60's and, although the basic layout was the same, I don't remember all that stuff down the lh side. The master we had was called, I believe, Hutchinson.  Whatever, he had the hardest 'slipper' in the school."

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Purley Old Boy Murdered on the way back from Rugby match - 1961

click the photo to see it full size. 

John Hanson has produced this from his archive. He was walking home from the Old Boys Rugby match at the Parsons Pightle with many friends when a Ford Anglia car drove past and a shot rang out. 

Gordon Rees fell to floor with a bulllet hole in his back, having been hit by a spent Luger bullet. 

They got him to the Hospital in Purley, where after 20 minutes a surgeon came to tell Paddy Collins and the others in the waiting room that he had died from internal injuries. Police arrived and interviews were conducted.


The Bourne from 1957 -  John Hanson has sent in some wonderful archives from his days at PGS - although this one is from the era of his brother Brian.  Due to technical "challenges" the pages are not in the correct order.   Click the link here to display the PDF

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Badminton team 1964/5

Martin Jones writes -   "It is not the familiar figure of WRP. It is in fact Mr Newlands (also a geography teacher) who arrived in 1963/4 and set up a badminton club soon after.    

The Bourne mentioned Britton (captain), Moors, Walker and Homotas. Britton is presumably the lad in the centre of the front row but I don't recall him or any of the other names mentioned. Confirmed A Berridge (back row right) and Kier Carroll (third from right, front row).   

Front row third from right (little guy) is definitely Kier Carroll, my year and a whizz at badminton. Back row right hand end looks like a Berridge, probably the older brother (?Alan) rather than Dennis who was in my year. Can't think of anyone else and The Bourne tended not to focus on  'fringe' sports in those days. "

Friday, 9 March 2018

Criocket !st XI 1963

Paul Rasor has named this gang -

!st XI (1)    BACK     DK, Martin Blunden, David Lawrence, Rich Francis, David Shepherd, ? Dean, Bill Patterson.

FRONT   David Andrews, Paul Dugard, Peter Budge, Roger Maynard, Paul RasorPaul Simmons, Trevor Sharp.

Fas et Patria

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