Monday, 2 July 2018

John Sutherland and the Rugby team - 1984/5/6 ?

Some comments on the names and date above - author in bold text

Jeff Sweetman 5th Year team. About 1986 I think. Alastair Montgomery holding the rugby ball. Warren Potter 2nd from the right back row


Paul Robinson More like 1983/4. Amongst others: Chris Manley, James Skinner, Warren Potter, Andy Agard, Nigel Harper, Campbell Kilpatrick, Alistair Montgomery, Dave Hoskyns, Paul Robinson, Andy Speller.

Mark Ellis Middle row, far left. Geoff Reynolds?

Simon Porter Not sure, James Skinner, Warren Potter, Ian Roberts, Geoff Reynolds, Andy Agard, Ian Lambert?, Michael Royal, Nigel Harper, Simon Jones, Ellsworth Russel, Campbell Kilpatrick, Alister Montgomery, Dave Hoskyns, Paul Robinson, Speller?

Alister Storey Bottom left Simon Jones bloody madman!

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