Sunday, 5 August 2018

Rugby 1980-81

Kevin Coleman Sean Francis no 15. Adrian Burgess 8. Jeremy Roberts 14. Stuart Ives 4. Mark Jackson 12. Neil Holden 11. Me 6. Andy ...... 13. And Andy .....10
Mr Ord and Mr Pratt

Andy Phillips What a memory. I could not even recognise myself.

Nick Firth No 7 was an American kid, Greg something...! We used to call him Chachi

Wim de Jong Greg Burton if I remember right

Nick Firth BURTON! Thats it! Looks more like Ponch from CHiPs TBH

Wim de Jong Yep he did look like Ponch :) . He probably still holds the absolute school record for the amount of bookings he got in his first year at school. Just in the first term I had had an honorable 20 or so, if I recall right, but he had something like 45. Increbile ! Wonder what has become of him?

Nick Firth I remember my parents went to a 'moving to PHSfB' type-meeting at Taunton Manor where DGSA stood up and spoke about what he expected from us boys etc - you know the thing. Akers then took questions from the floor and Greg's mum stood up and asked about...See More

Wim de Jong Well I think the bullying at PHSfB came from akers, wosniak and the likes.

Andy Hale That's me No 10, wow where did they drag that photo up from. good to see all the names and that people can still remember after all this time!

Andy Phillips Did you buy a car of my mum and dad? An old Triuph Herald?

Andy Hale Andy Phillips Dont think so, why do you ask?!

David Jelley Is that Tom Cruise in the front row lol

Gary Pascoe Wasn't no7 an American lad??

David Jelley That's Tom Cruise, Gary.

Gary Pascoe Impossible (Mission)

Richard Dacey Is that Philip D’verv back left next to me Pratt

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