Thursday, 6 September 2018

The origins the House names at Purley Boys

"Having read the history of PGS on Fasetpatria, curiousity led me to a Google search for the names of the early Headmasters etc. The wonders of the internet... immediate results which prove that therewas life outside of PGS for those old codgers.

Whilst at Purley, I was vaguely aware that the House names of Wight, Sergeant etc were associated with some old dead people who may or may not have been guilty of founding the establishment where I was currently being tortured.

The search found no traces of Messrs. Sergeant and Milner... (the FEP history reveals that Milner died in action in 1916).

However, in this 1910 photograph you will find Mr B.J Dorsett in his Edwardian glory displayed on the website of the City of Norwich School. The founding staff, no less. (Very grand it looks too if you go to their home page. Coming to Purley as it was then must have been something of a comedown).

Mr. Dorsett can be found in the middle of the middle row with the walrus tash.

This was four years before Dorsett joined Purley at its original site on Godstone Road.
As for Wight, (whom I learn was the original headmaster of PGS, which I never knew before), the FEP History reveals that he left in 1920 to go to a Nottingham school. Our search takes us to 1930 where RB Wight is found mentioned as Headmaster of Mundella School in Sheffield."

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