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Did you know we had a Dambuster at the school ?

Did you know we had a Dambuster at the school ? Paul Hobday ( 1968 intake writes - though not a relative as far as he knows )

Harold Sydney Hobday….nicknamed “Hobbie” Hobday.  b 1912 and left school aged 17, youngest of 5 children of Howard and Alice Hobday Joined RAF 1940. Married Ethel Simpson in 1938. 4 children Died 2000  

He was a Navigator. Part of Les Knight’s crew On the night of 16 September 1943, when Knight ordered the crew to bale out after the aircraft was badly damaged over the Dortmund Ems canal, Hobday managed to evade capture. Within a few hours he had made contact with Dutch resistance supporters. He was taken to a woodland shack near Baarn and reunited with his colleague, Fred Sutherland.  

The pair were then fed into the escape network, and smuggled the whole way through France to the Pyrenees, then onward through Spain to Gibraltar, and then returned to the UK

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Phil Bright said...

Great post and research.

Martin Jones said...

Obituary in today's Times for Fred Sutherland (the last but one of the veterans of 617 Squadron) makes mention of his link up with Sydney Hobday in Occupied Holland and their passage back to the UK through Holland, France, Spain and Gibraltar. Clearly a brave couple of men whose pilot - Les Knight - paid the ultimate sacrifice in saving members of his crew when their Lancaster bomber went down close to the Dutch town of Zwolle.

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