Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Tony Pickup thinks this is the year - 1953/1954

Tony Pickup comments "I think I can name another couple (but I am going back 64 years) - Middle Row 2nd from left Durrell, and 3rd from left ?Thompson?  And I think Stannard should be spelt with 2 'n's.  He went on to become Head Boy.  He is supposedly to have gone on to become a captain of Industry, but I can find no references"

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Martin Jones said...

I'm pretty well certain that Casbolt in the back row was father to Stephen Casbolt who has featured in some of the sports photos on this website. Lived in Coulsdon and a nice family.

Mr Hutchinson - he looked old then and he looked even older when he came out of retirement in 1965/6 to rescue the 5th year Maths 3rd set from certain failure in 'O' level maths when the previous teacher left rather hurriedly. Good bloke was Old Hutch and one of the 'old school,' although I didn't approve of his habit of picking up boys by their sideburns when annoyed!

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