Saturday, 27 July 2019

Geoff Charman RIP

Geoff Charman died recently from a stroke. 

Martin Jones has commented:

'Thank you and sorry to hear of the passing of Geoff Charman. 

Geoff was in fact two years ahead of me and left in 1966 with three 'A' levels including a distinction in History. I mentioned his passing to those who were at the reunion on Wednesday, and was told that he went into teaching after Purley and became Head of St Andrew's CofE High School in Croydon, although we didn't have any details or dates.

As you have intimated, Geoff was a fine sportsman, and successive Bourne's refer to his cricketing and rugby ability, for example 1964/5, Cricket 1st XI, "Furry Charman demonstrated considerable batting development and medium paced, pronounced in-swing bowler, hard to score off" and 1963/4, Rugby 1st XV, "Charman (full back) provided a perpetual menace to opposing onslaughts with his kicking and tackling, and his experience in this position will be of great value to the school during the coming year". Not sure why he was nicknamed 'Furry' and he must have been in the 1st XV in his fifth year which was good going.

I remember Geoff as tall and thin and unsurprisingly athletic in build, however, as he was two years ahead of me, I cannot recall any other details about him. My condolences go to his family on their sad loss." 

Here is Geoff - Number 12 Rear right. Thanks to Alan Girling for this photo and the names -

Back row, L-R, Derek Eneas, Mark Potashnick. Steve Taylor, Geoff Charman

Front row L-R, Colin Wood, Mick Giradot, Alan Girling, Roger Stansfield, Steff Simpson.


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear of the passing of Geoff Charman. Geoff was a year ahead of me and I couldn't comment on his academic prowess, but as a sportsman he was up there with the best. He played rugby for Surrey Colts, at centre I think, maybe fly half, and was a good batsman and bowler at cricket. I think he had been awarded his full colours by the time he entered the Lower VIth. He was also one of the pioneers of basketball in the school when the first new gym was built, and was pretty good at that too. A contemporary of Tim Blewitt, Dave Brown and Geoff Evans, among others. They will remember him perhaps better than I do. A sad day.

Nicolaus Silver said...

Yes Geoff was a highly respected student as he was a happy friendly confident lad and we all know his academic and sporting achievements.

My interaction with Geoff was through cricket. One day Geoff needed a bowler for Caterham Colts and knew I had played a bit in 6th form and invited me to play. In the very first match there was Geoff the Captain bowling and here I am at 3rd man. A a hacked late cut outside off stump saw the ball loom upwards ..... towards me. I ran to take the catch waving my arms around in tune with the balls gusty descent. You all know you never drop a catch off the skipper.....

NO "Legs" I didn't drop it but after taking the catch Geoff nicknamed me "Henry" after a pre war band conductor Henry Hall who also waved his arms around with a little more grace.

I was gobsmacked about him being given out by Life's umpire coz people like Geoff should live forever.


Kevin "Henry" Hall

Nicolaus Silver : National winner 1961

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