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David Isted posted this photo and comment - 

Another image of Tudor Parade shops at Old Coulsdon, c1955.

Beyond the parade on the right is the top of Placehouse Lane, where the 190 bus terminated outside the Tudor Rose pub. 
Crews used to take their breaks in the Old Tudor Cafe, seen here.

During term time lunch breaks, this parade would also be frequented by boys from the former Purley Grammar School, next door to the Tudor Rose.
The school has now been replaced by Coulsdon College.
As a former pupil, I fondly remember the Tudor Bakery here !

NB - Geoff Todd writes 

Latest addition of the Tudor Parade shops brought back memories.

I left PCGS in 1955.   Every lunchtime the area was thronged with lads going to the recreation ground behind the War Memorial opposite Tudor Parade to play football.   Soccer and footballs had been banned within the school grounds.   No problem for us lads - Gordon Pirie's mother, who lived opposite the gates, allowed us to leave it in her shed.   Gordon, who ran with South London Harriers, had been encouraged by Mr. Baldwin a SLH member.   "Baldy" (he actually had a very full head of hair) took us cross country running, which I enjoyed.  He taught me German and the 6th for Russian.   I still remember the words of songs in German he taught us.  Dei Lorelei among them.

As stated the bakers was very popular, especially when school finished and prices were reduced.   I also remember the morning milk break when rock cakes were sold to pay for the cricket pavilion.   Great consternation when the price increased from a penny to one and a half pence!


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