Thursday, 3 October 2019

Gerald Crute - an important PS

   John Hanson writes an  important PS to the last entry Re: Gerald Crute the teacher at PGS.

Richard Walker and wife Vivienne ( he was at PGS early 1950's ) went to somewhere in the West Country for a holiday.  Out for a walk one day they found themselves in a pleasant village. They also saw a charming church so decided to go in.  As they were approaching the church they heard that somebody was playing the organ.  They decided to pop inside as the organist was very efficient.  He then finished his piece and stopped for a while.  Dick and Viv. decided that they could now look round the church so they turned round to see if he was going to play again ......he had disappeared.     A little later the Vicar arrived so they had a little chat.  They told him about the organist congratulating on having such a brilliant performer.  The vicar said that they had already applied for a replacement and suggested that maybe an applicant had popped in to view the  church and tickle the keys!  Then he said "could you describe this organist
to me"    

They did their best at the brief viewing; the vicar thought a bit and then announced:-  from your description I can assure you that it absolutely matches that of our former organist.  His name was Gerald Crute and he committed suicide six weeks ago!!!!!

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