Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Snowdon Hut 1978

This was originally published on the 1970 Fas et Patria website which still exists. However, over the coming years this will be retired and the archives are going to be gradually moved to this website. Apologies if you have seen it before.
Karen Pearson:I went to Keston and Taunton Manor with a few of these. The only name I can remember is David Parker in front of Graham Cox. 
Wendy Easton Hi Karen I recognise the lad on the far left middle row Christopher Pratt.. back row, Andrew Patterson front row... where is Andrew Patterson these days? Just wondering if it’s Stephen Jelley middle row?? Probably wrong.
Marty Denby Marty Denby Before my time. Definitely Mr Crosskey and Mr Moorhouse. Whatever happened to him? He was a good bugger. 
Vic Davey Is that Mrs Ribeiro the french teacher in the middle?Karen Pearson Back row ( behind boy crossing his arms) Steven Ecclesy ? And the boy at the very front David Smith? 
Debbie Hill Karen Pearson so is it Graham cox lol confusing now xx 
Geoff Harmer Geoff Harmer Karen is right on the money with David smith and Steven eckersley ?

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