Friday, 28 February 2020

OBITUARY - Willy Pfeiffer RIP 1996

An old extract from the Purley Old Boys newsheet has arrived - some 23 years after publication. 

"Members will be sad to learn that the final whistle blew for Willy Pfeifer last April. His funeral was on 28th April and several old friends including George Robson, Bruce Ayling, Don Reason, DonLeppard, Harry Flower, Mick Tidy and Dave Hastings were in attendance.
For those who did not know him, Willy started playing for the  club in the 1947/8 season, was skipper from 1950-53 and was  President from 1961-64.  Personal memories were of his massive figure backing a charge  against the School XV and the gasp of the spectators in those  days all the school would turn out to watch. Also singing The  Eton Boating Song in the individual baths in the mansion at old  Freemans  incidentally the first game  ever played by  Gravette when Gerry Woodage failed to turn up. And always his old  car seemingly self-navigating its way back to the Tudor Rose and  again on a Sunday morning for his traditional glass of French  Beaujolais.  I will miss you Willy and thanks for all the fun we had.  HARRY FLOWER.

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